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Everyday Virtual Fan Convention

An entertainment platform for digital creators and fan communities to get in-touch, interact and trade products of their mutual passion
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PocketCon components

Application provides online in-game marketplace in virtual convention, fans community-building and events hubs, based on transparent rewarding system

PocketCon creates the first fandom community in the world at the one virtual place available for all who have smartphone

Users and digital artists have opportunities to celebrate all holidays and events of offline world in virtual convection format

Comics, animations, pictures, series of digital fandom creativities are available from artists for share and sale for fandom fans in the marketplace of PocketCon

Internal game space provides entertainment in sharing and delivery of thematic content. 3D, VR, video streaming, video chats, voice simulation are used to enhance entertainment

Reward system of PocketCon allows users to earn rewards for everything they do. The more time and activity users spend, the more virtual currency they receive

Blockchain-based, secured by smart-contracts, mobile application for comics’ digital creativities, their fans and collectors

Drives artists to create content for interaction, viewing, enjoying and collection
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Artists of the app might create all kinds of fandom art world objects: manga, comics, animations, pictures, series of digital art creativities

PocketCon ecosystem allows art creators to follow existing fans’ communities or create new fans’ group, promote their art and have equal opportunity to get into a spotlight

Drives fandom community to follow activities of their favorite artists and collect likable items
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Fandom app provides anime, manga, US comics, movies and games diversity for fans in games, avatars, chat rooms and accessories

The application allows using 2D and 3D models, advanced gestures and other animators for avatars, emoji options providing gameplay interaction


Open blockchain-based market for all kinds of digital content

PocketCon marketplace is UGC based, decentralized, and open for all kinds of original digital content - including 3D models, animations, digital drawings, addons for existing games, mini-games of their own creation, and even custom in-game items. All users can place items on the marketplace and help others find them by assigning categories to the items. Thanks to blockchain technology, all transactions on the marketplace are smooth, transparent, and invulnerable in terms of cybersecurity. It also allows creators to verify and establish their authorship, getting rid of the copyright issues often troubling digital artists on the web.


A perfect hangout for pop-culture fans

The platform is visually organized as a field with numerous thematic booths, which can be devoted to any topic of interest. Scroll through the booths showcasing related content; pick what looks interesting, find what other users are following - or place your own content and organize your own booths.

You can discuss your favourite subjects and talk to artists and other users via public forum, private forum, and chat. Public forum is a public wall where all the discussion is open for everyone; private forum is an invite-only club.

Games & Events Hub

Hub is a place where users can with each other through avatars, show off custom virtual items, and compete. Several new games will be added every month; there are already five finished. Events, in turn, are seasonal activities during which users can engage in special contests and variations of interaction, enjoy some fun design variations and promotion opportunities.

"The idea of launching a fundamentally new project in the field of interactive virtual community arose when we have realized that the content creators in such communities do not always get the gratification they deserve, especially the financial one. There is a vast body of creativity that needs the right environment to truly flourish. Our solution is at the junction of the two fastest growing industries in 2018 - gamified virtual community and blockchain technology"

James Cao

CEO of PocketCon and one of the founders of Gaia Online

Gaia online

Looking Through the Origins of PocketCon Project

Pocketcon is being developed in part by the team of Gaia Online. Gaia Online is a leading fan community platform provider. It is an avatar message board with games, virtual world and virtual economy

29 million
registered users
2.3 billion
forum posts

Pocketcon Roadmap

Project Inception

Wireframe development of the PocketCon platform

2017 February

First Round of Angel Funding

Funding helps advance platform conceptualization and initiate development

2017 May

MVP Development

Planning and integration of project stages and functionalities

2017 July

MVP Milestone Achieved

Working version of the PocketCon platform. Testing

2017 November

Platform Development

New features added. Planning for blockchain integration

2018 January

Token Pre-Sale

POC price: $0.05
POCs are available through token sale

2018 September

Initial Exchange Offering

POC price: $0.07
POCs are available through crypto exchanges

2018 September

Platform Demo Version

Includes PocketCon APP, profiles, community and 3D avatar system

2018 November

Platform Beta Version

Includes profiles of buyers, marketplace and blockchain integration

2018 December

PocketCon Official Launch

POC price: $0.10
Finally bringing out the PocketCon application into creative space

2019 January

Global Marketing & PR Campaign

Introducing PocketCon to Global market and popularization through creative community

2019 February

Pocket Coin

Pocket Coin is a utility token that fuels all transactions on the platform, making them transparent and easily provable
Pocket Coin is the crypto currency that can be easily traded inside or outside the PocketCon. With Pocket Coin the economic possibilities for creators and fans are vastly enhanced.

Pocket Coin Sale

To support the development and launch of PocketCon app, we’re holding a POC sale in which contributors receive the minimal price of Pocket Coins
Stages and Pricing
Pre-Sale - $0,05
Start: 1st
IEO - $0,07
  • Demo
  • Alpha
  • Beta
Start: 20th
End: 30th
LAUNCH - $0,10
  • Launch
Start: 15th

* - Due to necessity of reaching the Soft Cap amount, Pre-Sale period is extended from the 20th of August until September, 20th. Don't miss your chance!

Sale Campaign Financial Targets
Soft Cap
Hard Cap
PocketCon smart contracts contain money back option if the soft cup for IEO is not achieved

Pocket Coin Turnover

PocketCon manage more than 50% of ecosystem turnover and will be the main seller and thus buyer of POCs pocket con sheme

PocketCon will be able to establish and maintain the exchange rate

PocketCon rate forecast

June 2018 - Aug 2019, USD While POC rate is controlled by PocketCon it has a huge potential for investors to jump into the bargain pocket con graph

Pocket Coins Allocation

Sales inside


Artists and users

Initial Exchange

Funds Distribution


Product Development







Our team

James Cao

James Cao

Founder, Ceo

CEO of Gaia Online, the largest anime community in US, series entrepreneur in both US and China

Steven Myers

Steven Myers

Senior Engineer

6 years with Gaia’s engineering team, Steven had been single handedly tackling Gaia’s biggest events and interactive games

Josh Gainsbrugh

Josh Gainsbrugh

Creative Director

CEO of Gaia Online, the largest anime community in US, series entrepreneur in both US and China

Brian Pham

Brian Pham

Frontend Engineer

Tremendous talent, who overhaul Gaia’s frontend system and pushes the team towards responsive design.

Harrison Tsang

Harrison Tsang

UI/UX Designer

8 years of experience as a designer plus a love for video gaming had made Harrison a perfect fit for PocketCon.

Ashleigh Hetrick

Ashleigh Hetrick

Art Director

The head of Gaia’s art team is a powerhouse in character design, virtual good creation, and animation to name a few of her many talents.

Elda The

Elda The

Art Director

With over 10 years with Gaia, Elda is well known for designing some of the most desired and popular virtual goods.


Currently, the main investor of the project is PLUTUS.VC - world’s first blockchain powered venture fund. 
PLUTUS.VC targets Telecommunications Mobile Technology and is open to any new innovative business concepts


BlueToken is the world's 1st crypto that is backed by 1 Billion USD in Blue Chips stocks.
This makes it 100% stable and with the guaranteed exchange exit. BlueToken is used in supporting ICO projects


Community Rewards

Earn POC by helping us spread the word about PocketCon and our token sale

Rewards distribution






Media and journalists






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and Avatars Campaign




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